Thursday, January 19, 2017


做错的事情太多了,只想和你说, 耶稣爱你。

Friday, October 21, 2016

Look back and just wanna to say "HI"

Hey there! How are you ya? You know what?! God is so good, He has blessed me so much in my life except my romantic love story on this earth, maybe? Anyway, He is still so good and never regret we have been through such a wonderful time. I believe this what true love is and I experience it before. Let's move on ya, don't carry the past with you. I understand you're not a christian and you won't understand my decision back then. My prayer still here, ask God for a person come to you so you have opportunity to know Abba Father. Jesus loves you k? Don't carry the past with you. Come to know Abba Father one day if possible. =D

Saturday, May 9, 2015

15th of Feb, 2012

从欣赏,暗恋,迷恋,认识,朋友,知己,暧昧,交往,成熟至结束。 谢谢你一路陪我走过每一道的阶段,请原谅我的不成熟,导致这样的局面。 爱情其实不是俩人的关系,顿时让我觉得或许是属世人所说的,我不够爱你。 你曾对我说,爱一个人,是完全的爱。 我爱你, 但我不能拥有你,因我们有权利去拥有一个人。 你是上帝的女儿,只有上帝才有权能去拥有你,爱你。 谢谢你所带给我的回忆与付出, 再完美的爱情,没有了耶稣的爱,就不再完美了。 为你祷告。

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dope's blogging again ! x)

Wooo...Its Part 2! HIak Hiak x)

Im so happy be with her this few months although we keep arguing each others.
Nevermind! its part of it to start a relationship. Its a normal scene that we can noticed when you are in the situation...haha

Lord, sorry for my rigidness...I know you sure will allow me to do it, cause im the one who made the decision. And I understand, "Once you decide to do it, you need to bear the aftermath". I ready for the aftermath,Lord...I know i should bring her to You, become your daughter. I should share the gospel to her as soon as possible.

But Lord...Sorry, i still not ready yet...Lord, can you help me?Sometimes I feel so happy "Yeah...!! I got a very good and pretty girlfriend who cares me so much", but when i face to You, Lord...I feel guilty when I come to You.Im not dare to face you cause I didnt do my part well, I understand.

Lord, I dont care, I want her...I need her so much...Sorry to say that I have put her as my first priorities in my heart compare with the working stuffs in church. I know it shouldnt be and I keep remind myself...

Lord, Im hereby to pray for blessing both of us, lead us to the right path, give me confidence and strength to bring her to You, to let her know You are the only Lord, who shares the Love to all of us in the world. Lord, forgive my rigidness and childishness,please let me to continue it...I will appreciate all the times with her. I love her very much <3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Suddenly feel strange at here...What happen to me?haha...
Its another new beginning for me, although there are lots of memories that I wish I can forget it as soon as possible!

I must keep standing on my own opinion, shouldn't influence by others easily. I keep trying to stand straight unfortunately I feel Im bending to another side i guess.
I loss control to her and Im still dont now what's going on.

Im like lost my way in the jungle during the adventure trip. Just like Im dont know where should I have my lunch after my classes end.Sad to say that Im less pray to God when I face problem, but I still believe God is the creator and He arranges everything to me.

He bring me to her, allow me to crash on her , keep feel frustrated myself cause of her.Few months later on, seriously Im rely on her more than I rely on God. But at last, I wake up from this situation, God taught me somethings at this time.

God makes me realize that I easy to get tempt by a girl who I really fall to. God remind me about it every times. Thanks Lord, you helped me to refresh my mind. I hope she also can accept as the only God in her heart. But honestly I dont have confidence whether I can did it or not. I fall to her strongly and I dont hope that I will loss her one day cause of this religion problem.

Its so hard and suffered if we really break up in this way. Lord, sorry to say that I dont care whether is it the girl that you arrange for me , I love her, I dont care the results at the end, I hope she can be my girl,thats what I really want...

Lord, sorry, this is my only request from now. I hope you can allow me to continue it. That's all. x)


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